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Harlem Security Gate Murals Could Become Outdoor Gallery

(Photo courtesy of Franco Gaskin & DNAinfo)

By Jeff Mays
DNAinfo Reporter/Producer

East Harlem motorists could be driving through an art gallery on 125th Street under a plan to save storefront security gates painted by artist “Franco the Great.”

The Harlem Community Development Corporation is working on a plan to rescue 25 murals that Franco Gaskin painted on the now-banned corrugated steel security barriers along 125th Street and place them inside frames hung between First and Second avenues, creating an outdoor gallery.

“It would become a great tourist attraction. Now there are ramps, grass and trees and nothing to look at,” said Thomas Lunke, director of planning and development for the Harlem Community Development Corporation. “It extends the cultural corridor of 125th Street to the East side and adds another area of activity with the future extension of Harlem River Park.

Gaskin, 83, began painting over the gates because he said they made Harlem look like a “prison camp.” Store owners installed the gates after the riots following the death of Martin Luther King Jr.

Read more from DNAinfo.

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Harlem Fine Arts Show Returns for Second Year

A national showcase of African-American artists is returning to Harlem in February, a weeklong affair that will coincide with Black History Month.

The second annual Harlem Fine Arts Show will be held at Riverside Church from Feb. 25 to 27 with a mission to develop “the long-neglected area of African-American culture, history and economic development,” organizers say. This year’s show will emphasize both known and emerging artists from around the country.


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Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour Still On

Photo credit:

The annual Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour was almost cut due to lack of resources and time available from the committee but one local artist stepped up and has kept the ball rolling. Lawrence Rodriguez, a local artist knew he wanted to keep the tradition going for the new visitors it brings and for the chance for artists to show their work in an inexpensive way. This years Studio Tour will be Oct. 9-10 and will feature about 80 different artist. Rodriguez said that art will range in price from $35-$3,000 which fits all types of budgets. You can read the full story here.

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