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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Brings Harlem Basketball History Home with New Historical Documentary

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar came home to Harlem last week with a slam dunk lesson in black history for thousands of New York City school kids.

The NBA legend, who grew up in Harlem and Inwood, appeared at the Schomburg Center on 135th St. to screen his new documentary film, “On the Shoulders of Giants,” which tells the inspiring story of the Harlem Rens – “the greatest basketball team you’ve never heard of.”

“I wanted to give kids an idea of what had to happen for them to have this game,” Jabbar told the Daily News. “They don’t really understand everything that went into the emergence of professional basketball. And if you ask most NBA players right now, very few know that the game was segregated.”

The film depicts a team that from 1922-1948 won the hearts of Harlem fans while battling rampant racism as they barnstormed around the country, routinely winning exhibition games against white teams.

Read more in the NY Daily News.

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New York Times: A Harlem Cultural Hub Is Threatened by Debt

In 2002 the National Black Theater, a cultural anchor of Harlem, invited the owners of Nubian Heritage, a growing beauty-care company with an African pedigree, to invest in its sprawling building at Fifth Avenue and 125th Street.

The theater, created in the turmoil of the civil rights movement, had owned the building for 19 years. But now it faced foreclosure, as large construction loans remained unpaid.

Read more about the troubled theater in Harlem from the New York Times article.

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Willie Mays, at Home in Harlem, Connects With Its Children

Mays visiting the students at P.S. 46 in Harlem - Photo courtesy of the New York Times

Baseball great Willie Mays returned home to Harlem and visted students from P.S. 46 to talk about his life as a Giants’ centerfielder and his life in Harlem. He even brought gifts for the school’s best students — 12 baseballs, 3 replica 1951 Giants jerseys and even a $100 bill.

Read more from the New York Times article

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Kumon Donates Library For Harlem Children’s Zone

Harlem Children’s Zone Promise Academy received a great gift from Kumon, a new Library. Kumon hopes the excitement over the new library and books will encourage reading by the students. At a dedication ceremony each student can pick on book from the new library to keep for themselves. Kumon representatives said they hope their donation will encourage business and organizations to invest in children’s literacy. Kumon’s donation is part of their annual book drive, which this year raised more than 12,000 books. You can read more here.

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‘Harlem Children’s Zone’ To Be Replicated Across The Country

In 1997, Geoffrey Canada founded Harlem Children’s Zone, a comprehensive system of programs and charter schools designed to help Harlem children succeed. A couple of weeks ago the Children’s Zone received a large donation. The success of the Children’s Zone in Harlem has pushed the idea around the country and groups in Boston, Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles were awarded planning grants for programs. You can read the full story here.

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Harlem’s Children’s Zone Receives Gift

The Harlem Children’s zone that worked to raise over $50 million last year, just received a gift from Goldman Sachs Gives for $20 million. The Children’s Zone plans to build a 134,600-square-foot new school that would educated and provide 1,200 k-6 students will all the necessary resources for a positive foundation. You can read the full story here.

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Harlem Kindergarten Goes Full-Day


Parker Early Education Center kindergartners did something on Thursday that no other Kindergartners in the area have done before. They stayed for the full school day. The group of 60 students in the pilot program start at 8:10 a.m. and finish at 2:20 p.m. The full-day schedule is a hit with parents and students alike. This year’s class was picked by lottery. The school plans to hire nine new teachers in 2011 to support the excitement and growth of the full-day schedule. The students are excited to go full-day for reasons likes more recess, lunch at school and some were even excited because they get to stay all day like their older siblings. You can read the full story here.

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East Harlem’s First Charter High School

This September a group of 135 ninth graders will become the inaugural class at Renaissance Charter High School for Innovation, which is East Harlem’s first charter high school. Principal Nicholas Tishuk said the school received far more applications than there were spots available for the incoming students. Tishuk said he he thinks that is because parents in the area are willing to invest in their children’s future and take a risk on a new school that will prove to be that smart investment. Every parent or guardian has had at least one personal visit from either Tishuk himself or a member of his staff, something far from common in today’s educational system. You can read the full story and find out more about the school’s summer program’s here.

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